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365 Days | 001 : 007

After being an avid reader of The Dainty Squid blog for years, I fell in love with her weekly posts showing a photo for every day and I've decided to follow suit. My posts aren't going to be anywhere near as organised considering I've started this towards the end of July instead of oh I don't know, the 1st of January? But let's just roll with it!

001.| 365
A roast dinner has got to be one of the best meals, even when it is lacking gravy.

002.| 365
When Matt and I were out for a walk, a swan family passed by down the river and so naturally I chased them to try and get a picture or two - just look how cute those babies are!
Swan Family

003.| 365
I always want to snap a photo of this church in Winchester city centre but I get too self conscious as the area it is in is usually pretty busy. The area was dead on this day, so I took the golden opportunity to get a quick, imperfect shot.
Winchester City Centre Church

004.| 365
This poor guy wasn't alive as he'd gotten a little tangled up in cobwebs. I wish I knew how to mount bugs because I would have took him home. He had gorgeous markings.

005.| 365
More food. What can I say? We love food! Matt's been on a slight health kick and is currently experimenting on the Palaeo diet which basically eradicates a lot of carbs in your diet. Grains, bread, pasta, rice, cheese, sugar, basically anything that wouldn't have been accessible to a cave man can't pass your lips. So Matt made a cauliflower base for his pizza and got rid of the cheese. I had our usual pizza and I've got to say, I was kind of jealous because his was surprisingly delicious!
Cauliflower Pizza

006.| 365
Our landlord is pretty good to us.

007.| 365
Matt and I went have just got back from a long weekend stay with Matt's parents. His granny celebrated her 75th birthday and I had to take a quick snap of Matt's parents' lovely garden when we arrived.

I hope you all had a fantastic weekend!

- A.

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