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Double Denim

Double DenimDouble DenimA-Line Denim SkirtButton Down SkirtTan Leather BagPrimark Skirt
It's only right that I start off this fresh blog wearing a fashion faux pas combo that I cannot get enough of. I love denim. Like I mean I really love denim and wearing two winning shades of it together? I can't think of anything better. My luck has been in this year as denim has been at the centre of what's on trend, and I guarantee that you will be sick of the sight of the stuff over here on Northern Blood as the months roll by (unless you're another denim bummer, then hi, you're a welcomed a friend here, compadre). I also kind of love a good socks and sandals combo, but I don't think I have the English dad on holiday in a hot foreign country sass that is needed to pull those off.

What's a fashion faux pas you admittedly actually kind of love?

Topshop Denim Shirt | Primark Denim Skirt (similar) | Primark Belt (similar) |
Primark Bag (similar but way better) | Office Sandals (similar)

- A.

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