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Novella Royale Budget

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Bonjournoo! One of my all time favourite brands is Novella Royale. I love their gorgeous prints and effortlessly bohemian items that don't need any added extras to pull the whole outfit together. Living in England and doing things on a student budget means I can't always afford such prices so that's where this baby steps in.

This dress is from Forever 21 and at first, I thought I was going to hate it. Lusting over the prints of Novella Royale and actually having a dress in a very similar style in front of you are two very different things, but then I put it on and it was love in an instant. I love mustard yellow and burnt rust orange shades so the colour of this is perfect. Paired with my everyday bag and my favourite shoes, its fast become one of my favourite outfits. The only down side? No food babies can be going on in this tight number but I went and ate burgers in it anyway *insert sassy emojis here*

Forever 21 Dress (similar but better) | Fringe Bag (gift, but something very similar) | Office Clogs (similar)

- A.

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