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365 Days | 008 : 014

008.| 365
I love this stag head hanging in Matt's parents' house. I want to steal him every time we stay.

009.| 365
The cutest sweetest chocolate box greenhouse in existence and saying goodbye to Cirencester. See you after Christmas!

010.| 365
Having a "clear-out" session of all your belongings sometimes uncovers stationery gems you almost forgot you owned (they're still too pretty for my to write in them though - does anyone else have this problem with notebooks?!)

011.| 365
How beautiful is this print?!

012.| 365
The most confident little Robin was eagerly awaiting Matthew & I's departure so he could gobble up what was left of our lunch in the pub garden.

013.| 365
Matt & I celebrated our two year anniversary with lots of food at Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall's River Cottage Canteen in Winchester. We had an absolutely delicious three course meal which resulted in us being the OAPs that we are at heart, as we decided to retire home early instead of heading out to the pub (shameful, I know). He surprised me with some of my favourite flowers ♥ and can I just say, we are the best when it comes to choosing cards for each other.

014.| 365
And this guy flew into the flat and had no idea how to get back out - silly.

Hope you have a happy Monday folks!

- A.

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