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365 Days | 015 : 021

015.| 365
I do love a lot of taxidermy and oddities and I cannot wait to have a bigger place to show off some great pieces but alas, a lot of it currently resides in a cupboard in my tiny flat.

016.| 365
Almost missed this beautiful sunset.

017.| 365
Matt the cat whisperer.

018.| 365
Sooo Matt & I may have went to the zoo for a whole day and I may have (read: 110% definitely) squealed an awful lot (a full post or two to follow soon!). I tried to get some photos of some piranhas in the tropical/botanical part of the zoo, but the reflection of the tank created these kind of double exposure photos and I kind of like them - especially the one where the piranha is following the group of teens eh heh.

019.| 365
Thank the heavens above for blessing me with these gorgeous shoes.

020.| 365
Forbidden Planet is a landmine for my bank balance and it always always comes out on top. I finally picked up Blacksad and lemme tell you - as an avid comic book/graphic novel reader, this one is collectively pretty to look at, gripping to read, and the fact that it is centered around some quite sarcastic and funny animals makes it a must-read for anyone and everyone.

021.| 365
Winchester really is a beautiful place.

- A.

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