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365 Days | 022 : 028

022.| 365
I said it in my last 365 post... But I'll say it again because it is painfully true... Winchester is beautiful!

023.| 365
Crap Taxidermy in real life. There is a pub in Winchester called The Black Boy and it is covered in oddities and crazy decor, and I couldn't stop laughing at this guy out in the pub patio ahaha.

024.| 365
Anniversary flowers are still going strong.

025.| 365
Bye Winchester! Hello Newcastle!

026.| 365
This photo of my little brother and I is always cringe-worthy, as is that Elvis Presley drawing by yours truly, ahem.

027.| 365
I went shopping with my mama and brother for some tights... And came home with a lot of other stuff aaand no tights.

028.| 365
My little brother is 14 now and I honestly don't know where the time has gone. Also, who gets two birthday cakes?!
This guy apparently.

- A.

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