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365 Days | 029 : 035

029.| 365
I went to Newcastle with my little brother, little cousin and my dad to visit the Game On 2.0 exhibition at the Centre for Life Science Centre. It was a really great chance to read up on video game facts, play some games I've never even seen or heard of before and of course, it was hilarious watching my dad try to play pro bass on Guitar Hero.

030.| 365
My last full day with my mama and brother was spent spending all the money in the world on food and sweets and oh my goodness gracious, I managed to get a Topshop dress in a size four and it fits like a glove. I'm not sure how it happened, but I had 2 cheeseburgers for dinner to celebrate the small victory.

031.| 365
I had a great time visiting family at home *home*, but home was calling to me. Even though I'm terrified of flying (I blame my mam's fear rubbing off on me,) I actually love being in an airport and watching the planes take off/kids getting excited about their holibobs.

032.| 365
Okay so the anniversary flowers are looking worse for wear now, but I can't be the only person who kind of likes the look of dead roses? No? Just me then?

033.| 365
Some of today's purchases include: A bottle which Matt & I bought with no real purpose for it (I think it will look beaut with just a couple of sunflowers in it because just look at that colour!) and a new fave foundation - a review is on the way...

034.| 365
Matt & I woke up quite late on Saturday morning (9:30, that's damn late for us) so after lazing around in bed for a further couple of hours, we decided we couldn't give the glorious weather a miss and went for one of our usual walks to le pub.

035.| 365
Oh look at that, yesterday's weather was obviously a freak accident because now we're back to the good ol' British summer!

- A.
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