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365 Days | 036 : 042

036.| 365
I feel like the amount of "sky" pictures I take is getting a little bit silly, but it always seems to change to such gorgeous colours, I couldn't resist another one. Besides, I did absolutely nothing on this day as I wasn't feeling myself so its much better than a photo of me in my pajamas!

037.| 365
On Tuesday, I got up and ready really early to head into university to try and be somewhat productive. I got there, realised there was scaffolding/building work surrounding and blocking the entrance to the library, swore under my breath, and turned around to go back home. Turns out, in the 3 years I've studied in this library, I didn't realise there's another lower floor entrance to the building so it wasn't actually out of action (doh). It did mean I got a couple of nice pictures of my walk home before the rain set in though.

038.| 365
The weather on Wednesday was so bad. Wind and heavy rain should never go hand in hand and it leaves me panicking about what to do with my hair. I had just dyed it the day before, so there was no chance of scraping it up into a bun as my neck and ears were a lovely shade of purple, so this was my next best option as a hat would have blew away.

039.| 365
I picked up a lot of books yesterday at university to help with planning for my course and well, they were all a bit rubbish *massive thumbs down emoji*

040.| 365
Matt & I went to get some breakfast at our local diner. I had a huge stack of cinnamon pancakes with bacon and maple syrup and went into a food fueled high-carb coma. I had to get a photo of one of the many buildings in Winchester on the waddle back home, though.

041.| 365
After getting a little bored with our usual meals, myself and Matt decided to give this recipe a whirl and it was delicious: Polenta "tart" with rosemary, mushrooms and mozzarella, with a side salad & raspberry dressing. Mm-hm!

042.| 365
Matt has his master's dissertation due in less than a month's time so he's been going through his drafts to make sure it's perfect whilst I, on the other hand, have been being annoying. (Please ignore our washing in the background... The cons of living in a small flat with no dryer: having to hang bedsheets etc. on anything and everything in the house for them to dry)

- A.
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