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Last Saturday, Matt and I celebrated our two-year anniversary over lots of good food and laughs at Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall's River Cottage Canteen in Winchester.

Matt loves Hugh so we have already visited the canteen once before when it opened last year, but we loved the food so much, we thought making a return for our anniversary seemed fitting. I highly recommend the place to anyone. The Winchester canteen is decked out exactly how I hope my future house will look, industrial and minimal yet cosy. The service is fantastic and the menus are seasonal and change from week to week depending on what ingredients they have at hand.

I decided to take my beloved Missguided jumpsuit out for a spin. I bought this baby a few months ago now as a birthday present from me to me, but I like to try and keep it for special occasions only. The deep V neckline is perfect for sassing-up a nighttime outfit and I feel oh so 70s in it which makes me sehr happy. I've got to be honest though, anyone who knows the Winchester area will know it is notorious for its hills so as you can imagine, walking for around for more than half an hour in these shoes to get to our destination was an absolute mare. Good job I had space in my bag for a pair of plimsoles that I could switch to for our hike home. Yes, I am 100% that girl.

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- A.

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