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Current Mascara Picks

When it comes to mascara the drugstore always wins, but I'm not particularly loyal to any one specfic as of yet and so I like to experiment with the latest releases etc. I'm quite lucky in the eyelash department as as soon as I apply even the clumpiest mascara, my lashes manage to not clump too much and build volume and length really well, so I guess that's why I'm happy to use any old one.

Saying that though, I have some relatively new favourites that I will definitely be repurchasing (that is something I have only ever done once with mascara!)

Maybelline Rocket Volum Express - When I first purchased this one, I remember instantly taking a dislike to the bulky wand and thinking there was no way it could work well with the lashes. To my surprise though, it actually works really well. The formula isn't uncomfortable to wear, it doesn't flake, and it definitely gives a great amount of volume. For those looking for length too, I would say this may struggle in that department as my lashes seemed to be a little stumpier than usual, so just bear that in mind!

Rimmel Extreme Black Wonderfull - First off, there's no need to get the "extreme black" version if you're interested in this product. Rimmel released this mascara alongside its regular one (which also comes in black) and a waterproof version and there's no difference between the intensity of the black shades whatsoever, but regardless, I really like this product. It has become my daily daytime mascara as it gives great length but isn't too heavy on the volume so it gives a much more subtle look. The wand is your standard hard gel bristle applicator however I would say the bristles aren't as rigid as others mascaras I've tried with the same style wand. Oh, and watch out for the end of it as it has a rounded nib which has no bristles meaning if you're not careful, you can end up with mascara on the inner corner of your eye. That aside, its a lovely formula which includes argan oil. I thought that was rather gimmicky until I used the product daily for a couple of months and I would honestly say, it seems to have improved the condition of my eyelashes.

Maybelline Lash Sensational - The newest release of the three, Lash Sensational has been an instant hit with bloggers and youtubers. This is the perfect all-rounder as it provides amazing length and volume with no clumps in sight. It has the best wand as it is a stiff gel bristle applicator but it is curved to help form a curled lash and it fits my eye shape perfectly. With such easy application, this is slowly creeping its way into my daily makeup picks, but the only reservation I have with it at the moment is that it feels noticeably heavier on my lashes when its applied. This could just be because its a new mascara and we all know they always work better when they've had a little time to dry out, or it could be because in comparison to the feather-weight Rimmel Wonderfull, this mascara packs more of a punch and I've forgotten how that feels on the lashes. Either way, it certainly hasn't put me off using it.

Whilst you guys are reading this, I am on a plane to Newcastle to spend a much needed "lazy" week with my family and friends, so look out for some lifestyle, food, and travel posts coming this way soon!

- A.

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