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Top Summer Moisturisers

Okay I have to confess, when it comes to keeping your body moisturised and in good condition, I fail miserably. Unlike my face, the rest of my skin can get quite dry but I find a lot of moisturisers really struggle to sink into my skin and sit on the surface instead. This leaves me feeling pretty uncomfortable for the rest of the day and sometimes makes my "t-shirt acne" break out. Not cool.

But when summer rolls around, you need to keep that skin hydrated and I have a few products I really love and that do the job fuss-free.

Yes To Coconut Ultra Light Body Lotion Spray - This non-greasy lotion is perfect for summer. Admittedly, when I ordered this online I thought it was actually a dry oil mist-style spray that doesn't need to be rubbed into the skin, but this is still perfect for the lazy girl's guide to moisturisation. The spray bottle is perfect for speed and accuracy, and the formula sinks into my skin in no time at all - none of that awkwardly sitting in your pants, waiting for your skin to dry before you get dressed. It smells so good too, coconut scents scream summer for me.

Soap and Glory's Smoothie Star Deep Moisture Body Milk - Okay, this isn't just a summer moisturiser for me, I use this year-round, but it gives you that extra bit of moisture in the summer. I prefer coconut or zesty scents in the summer as oppose to the sickly sweet brown sugar scents like this body milk, but no other lotion gives me the silky smooth post-shave legs that this one does. I have extremely sensitive skin when I shave and this is the only post-treatment that doesn't further irritate my skin so its essential for the bare leg summers.

Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration SPF 15 Sun Lotion - Sun protection is a step I never skip nor could I if I wanted to. I've done my time wearing the thick, gloopy, sticky high protection SPFs as a child and as an adult, but for the British sunshine, I risk it with a lower SPF and this lotion hits the spot. With the slightest shimmer in it, it makes even my pale pins summer ready. It's slight scent is nice too and not your typical SPF overpowering smell, and it soaks into the skin with no residue left lingering. Perfect.

What other summer recommendations do you have for getting that hydrated summer skin?

- A.

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