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Kinda 90s Kinda 70s

I'm sure I've mentioned it before now, but I have a major soft-spot for 70s style. Flares, bell sleeves, the colours and prints, high-waisted everything... it all ticks so many boxes for me. I also love a little bit of the 90s trend and the odd wild western inspired piece, so my style tends to be a wacko amalgamation of it all.

When I don't really know what to wear or how to style up some bits and pieces though, I always go to what has quickly become my standard uniform: a simple tee, a denim skirt, and a good belt. Sure a denim skirt tends to make my butt look pancake flat but when its hot, this uniform of mine is a godsend!

New Look Stripe Tee | New Look Denim Skirt | ASOS Belt | Fringe Bag (gift) | Deena & Ozzy Shoes (similar) | ASOS Choker
- A.

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