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Lazy Girl Nail Varnish

Once upon a time, I loved nail art and I could and would spend hours doing my nails. I would paint my nails at least twice/three times a week so they would always be pristine and if I had a free afternoon, I would spend even longer layering up nail decals, doing patterns with some trusty scotch tape, or sticking all manner of gems etc. to them *Cue cheesy pictorial evidence*

Nowadays, I'll be lucky if I do my nails once a week and when I do eventually do them, its usually a one coat job with little attempt to make them look remotely nice. I've been trying to rectify this, but being super busy full time can make taking a couple of hours to do your nails quite difficult. So in steps the quick drying nail varnishes.

My nails always take an eternity to dry, but quick drying varnishes make my life a little easier. I like fuss-free application so I'm going to quickly run through some of my fave polishes for any fellow lazy/impatient ladies who are looking for some new colours/brands to add to their collections.

Sally Hansen Double Duty Base & Top Coat - One step I cannot miss out of my mani routine, no matter how lazy I'm feeling, is applying a base and top coat. Not only does it protect your nails, it prolongs the life of your freshly painted claws and gives them a lovely gloss. I started using this Sally Hansen all-in-one saviour around a year ago and have never looked back. One major issue I have with my nails is that they're incredibly brittle and prone to snapping, and this base & top coat combo helps strengthen and nourish them a great deal. It's a winner for other impatient nail-painters as it is super quick drying and convenient as its all in one bottle. Winner winner.

Barry M Speedy Quick Dry Nail Paint - I'm sure you all have witnessed hype around this product by now, but it is still one of my faves for those days when I need my nails done ASAP. The formula is extremely quick drying - so quick that by the time I've painted my thumb on one hand and gone back to my pinky for a second coat, its 100% dry. I also love the pastel range as there not you typical pastels and are somewhat muted making them a little closer to Essie in their shade range. I also love the application because the brush is wider than their usual brushes, making a quick sweep of colour a doddle.

Rimmel 60 Second Super Shine - The next drugstore contender is the Rimmel 60 Second Super Shine range. Again, the colours are great and I especially love this bright "Danny boy" blue but if its not to your taste, they have other 30 colours in the range so there's definitely something to suit everyone. This is another polish with a wide applicator, but these ones do need a couple of coats at least for them to be fully opaque. Each coat dries extremely fast though so layering up those coats doesn't take long at all. At around the same price as the Barry M Speedy Quick Dry's, they're a good alternative if you are after some brighter or darker, non-pastel shades.

Nails Inc. Magnetic Polish - These polishes are some of my faves and are great for girls who want to make a little more effort with their nail art but don't have the time, patience or creativity. This particular Nails Inc. range comes with a magnetic lid which you hold over the freshly applied coat of varnish and it creates a two tone wavy pattern, creating the illusion you've made an effort! My only gripe with Nails Inc. is they tend to chip pretty easily on me, but they're great for those days when you need to glam those nails up a little.

- A.

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