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The Double Wear Dupe

Some of you might remember a little while ago I mentioned that I tend to lean towards the medium to higher coverage foundation most days as they even out my skin tone, give me makeup/oil-free security throughout the day, and do a bloody good job of hiding my acne. You might also remember me saying that I've never found my "holy grail" foundation yet and therefore like to trial some now and again and well this time, I found a diamond.

I've went through my fair share of budget and high end foundations and one that I always sing the praises of is the Estée Lauder Double Wear. Most people will know this gets rave reviews and as one would expect, it is extremely high coverage (possibly the highest I've ever found thus far) and does a great job of ticking all the boxes you'd want a high coverage foundation to tick. The only one it doesn't tick for me is the price tag. Looking at around £30 per bottle, its not ridiculously expensive, but if you wear a full face almost every day of the week like I do, those thirty pounds start to add up quick and using it as your daily foundation gets a little ridiculous. So I felt a dupe was needed and I think I found one purely by accident.

Armed with my "£3 off No.7 makeup" voucher that I was adamant to actually use as usually I miss the use by date on these things, I picked up the No.7 Beautifully Matte Foundation in the shade "Warm Ivory". First up let's talk about that. I am a pale pale girl, but I also have very yellowy skin and most drugstore foundations don't usually cater for the two. This is the third lightest shade. Did you read that? third. That is so novel for someone who tends to buy the palest shade and its sometimes too dark/too pink. So that was a winner instantly.

Now let's talk about the foundation itself. As its drugstore, the fact that it says it is full coverage and will give you "14-hour anti-shine protection" should be taken with a pinch of salt. Its more medium coverage but very buildable, and as an oily girl, it gave me maybe 2-3 hours coverage before the blotting ensued. That being said though, I have quickly fell in love with this stuff. It is hypo-allergenic, contains salicylic acid for aid against breakouts, and contains SPF 15 and therefore is all-round a pretty good foundation for various skin needs and conditions. Although it is aimed at normal to oily skin, I think if you're looking for a matte finish if you're a dry skin lady, this may still work for you as it is no where near as drying as the Estée Lauder Double Wear. It gives a gorgeous velvet finish, does a noticeable good job at covering large pores, and I find it extremely comfortable/hydrating to wear even on long 9-5 type days.

I've found it works best with a beauty blender rather than a brush, but if you have time to do some extra buffing, a brush would do the job perfectly well too. As it comes in a pump dispense bottle, you also don't waste any product like you can do many many times with the likes of the Double Wear and Clinique glass bottle foundations. It is also one of the few foundations I use that doesn't oxidise on my skin or change colour after my powder has been applied which makes it the most perfect colour match for me. It has taken some getting used to as it is actually the right shade for me and I'm so used to my foundations being slightly off, but I could not recommend it enough. And at £13.50 per bottle, its better than half the price of its high end counterpart so what's not to love?

*The current No.7 £3 off makeup voucher is active until the 31st August so grab one now!

- A.
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