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365 Days | 043 : 049

043.| 365
A bank holiday spent indoors as the weather was being typically British.

044.| 365
I tried to take some outfit of the day photos but my flat does not like cooperating with white items of clothing so all of the shots were out of focus bar one.

045.| 365
I really need to take advantage of what my street trails off into more...

046.| 365
But how great are these sleeves??

047.| 365
Matt has been hurriedly finishing his MA dissertation and I took the opportunity to play teacher and mark his first draft. He is such a good writer!

048.| 365
Drinking copious amounts of tea (or coffee if you're so inclined) are great for those "write off" days - I can't wait for Matt to finally finishing all these Orla Kiely designed jars of coffee so I can transfer my tea and sugar to them, so my kitchen will look like 70's heaven.

049.| 365
Sunday was a day badly spent - I did absolutely nothing, ran out of banana milk, and almost burnt my toast for breakfast. Matt however spontaneously made flapjacks so you know, it could have been worse - I'll post up the recipe for the tasty creation this week! Also, my little brother is using Matt for his year 10 art coursework and I love this photo of him.

- A.
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