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365 Days | 050 : 056

050.| 365
Monday was a day of blog work and housework. It wasn't exactly exciting and so there's no exciting photos as a result of it!

051.| 365
I've been in a bit of a funk with makeup lately - I haven't been wearing lipsticks and the thought of doing anything with eyeshadow has repulsed me. So I'm trying to break out of that by making sure I do a different shadow look and different lip every day. I completely forgot about this beaut Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet in the shade 07 Nude-ist - the perfect pinky nude transition shade from summer to autumn for me!

052.| 365
I recently finished a couple of different things I was reading and decided to pick up a classic I always go back to. This is one of my fave books for a quick read as after only a couple of hours, you're nearly finished it. Its perfect for trying to fit in as much reading as I can before I go back to uni and get bogged down with work!

053.| 365
So Matt & I have been having polenta lately as a substitute for potatoes and we've been loving it so much so, that we just had a literal shit tonne of polenta fries for dinner.

054.| 365
A morning spent listening to a favourite band whilst coincidentally wearing their hand-me-down merch and an afternoon spent wandering around my beautiful city in the glorious sunshine.

055.| 365
Like clockwork, my skin realised I would be going back to university and starting my teacher training next week so it broke out. Face mask SOS treatments everywhere.

056.| 365
Ahhh my tickets for graduation arrived! Being an archaeology student means that I'm used to seeing everyone in my lectures in laid back comfy clothes that they don't mind digging in, so I can't wait to see everyone suited, booted and dolled up.
It's also exciting because this will be the first time my parents have had a chance to check out the city I have called home for the last three years.

- A.
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