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Denim Pinafore

(Oh, would you look at that, 2 pinafore posts in a row and I'm not even remotely sorry!) We should all know by now, I'm bonkers about anything and everything denim (Britney and Justin circa early 2000's eat your hearts out), so of course I own a denim pinafore. Denim dresses, pinnies and playsuits have been big this past Spring/Summer, and they transfer into Autumn and Winter so easily as all you need to do is add tights and layer up. I love this beaut I picked up from Primark an age ago for a whole £3. Yes, £3 you read that right. I've been pulling it out of my wardrobe a lot more lately as the denim is pretty thick and heavy, making it perfect for those cooler days which are showing the signs that winter is coming. Bring me Jon Snow and actual snow on the double!

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