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Dressing Down

Whilst I've been at uni these last couple of weeks, I've been trying my best to wear only my outfits that would be deemed "unsuitable" for school. This isn't me having a dig at how I dress, but as I'm currently doing my teacher training so I can teach 11-19 year old's Religious Education, most schools have rules and regs stating what is okay and what is a big no-no in fashion for the classroom. With that being said, I've kind of been struggling. As I'm petite, admittedly most of my dresses and skirts aren't of the knee-length variety because they don't suit my small stature as much as a mini a-line does for instance, so these "too short for school" numbers have been recycled into many outfits before its too late.

So I've been dressing down a lot of my more *night out* items such as this dress, and I kind of love that they look like a complete mash up. Also, this is a last-ditch attempt to get my pasty pins out without wearing tights because its getting pretty darn chilly now!

New Look Check Flannel | Warehouse Lace Baroque Dress | Mango Bucket Bag | To Be Announced Western Boots

- A.
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