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This outfit is basically all of my latest favourite fashion buys. You may remember I mentioned getting a steal of a dress in the sale at Topshop, and this is it - it's very *not me* but for some reason I fell in love with it? I feel like the colour actually goes really well with my hair and skin tone which is saying something considering its bright orange! The bright navy blue leopard spots match my new H&M hat perfectly (which is a style of hat I've been searching for for literally years) and the fit of the dress is just bang on complimentary to my figure. I'm also a sucker for it because it has a roll neck - 60's heaven.

I also love teaming this with a good autumn/winter coat, some thick tights and a good ol' pair of chelsea boots to make it more suitable for the daytime, but I just want to wear it all the gosh-darn time.

H&M Hat | Topshop Dress (similar) | ASOS Heels

- A.
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