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Paisley Favourite

(Please excuse that piece of wild hair yeah I know, I've noticed it too and yeah I know, its bugging me too!) Its a myth that bloggers have an endless supply of "only worn once" outfits to cycle through, and I'm no exception. I can hand on heart say this outfit has been a go-to for me at least once a week, to the point that I'm genuinely concerned that my boyfriend or friends think I only own that one top. I'm kidding, I wouldn't care if I did only own this top as its became one of my favourites over summer. Being a pale yellow-toned girl, I never consider wearing yellow much despite it being my favourite colour, but I couldn't resist this baby and I've never looked back.

Plus, the paisley hits all the right buttons for me, too. I love teaming it with an orange lip because let's be real, 90% of my wardrobe is either denim or black/grey/white but now and again, I do approve of a bright outfit which you may have noticed. Also!!! It's officially the end of summer now! I believe the last official summer day was the 27th, so you know what that means - time to crack out the layers and scarves and such - finally!

Topshop Bardot Top (similar & similar but nicer?!) | Topshop Joni Jeans | Fringe Bag | Office Clogs (similar)

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