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Product Empties

As a lot of products I've been using lately have come to an end, I thought it would be fitting to do an empties post and share my thoughts on products that I've loved and loathed but battled through using regardless.

Possibility Raspberry Pavlova Hand & Nail Cream - I'm not a fan of hand cream regardless of how good it is, so I was never going to fully *love* this product but as a cheaper hand cream option, this stuff is great. The smell is sickly so if you're not a fan of the sweet scents, maybe take a look at other scents in their range, but I don't have anything bad to say about this cream. It was hydrating, great value for money, and as always, I have to say how much I love Possibility's packaging for including an actual recipe for making Raspberry Pavlova on the tube - such a good idea.

Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer - My favourite concealer so of course, I loved it. I go through this stuff like no one's business and use it under my eyes and sometimes around my nose if it needs a bit of extra help against possible oils coming through my makeup. I unashamedly bulk order this online as it tends to forever be out of stock in stores, but it has been a go-to for my since around the age of 16 and nothing has changed. Its also good for covering spots if you're looking for an all-rounder concealer.

Botanics All Bright Brightening Serum - Serum is a step I can take or leave in my skincare routine, but I gave this one a go and have mixed feelings. I do think it is brightening as I used it nightly in my skincare regime and genuinely do think my skin looked brighter and healthier through prolonged use, but I also found it dried out my skin in random patches. Overall, my skin looked better, but certain areas became dry and sensitive and I still haven't worked out why yet. The drying-out aspect of this serum was actually great from helping lingering spots disappear, but I don't think I'll be buying it again as it provided such a mix bag of effects on my skin.

MAC Studio Fix Pressed Powder Plus - Another product I've used for years, this is obviously a product I go back to now and again. When I was younger and wanted to look more porcelain than a China doll, I would use this on top of my heavy duty liquid foundation for a perfect finish, but now I use this as a stand-alone foundation. Its great using as a foundation if you're oilier skinned, but if you have any dry patches it will cling to those like crazy. I tend to take this with me if I'm going away for a few days and need to take the absolute minimum with me in terms of products. Its not my favourite powder by any means, but its a good all in one when I need one.

Maybelline Rocket Volum Express Mascara - As I featured this in a post about my current favourite mascaras, it'll be no surprise that I liked this stuff. Good formula, good value for money, and good application. The wand I guess could be smaller as it was so bulky I often ended up with mascara on my nose and in my eyebrows, but overall I liked the bristles on said wand and the mascara itself didn't flake or break up throughout the day. Just like most Maybelline mascaras, I would recommend them all to anyone and everyone.

Simple Kind to Skin Pore Minimising Toning Cleanser - Another product for the lazy girls, this stuff is good if you want to cleanse and tone all at once. I wouldn't say this was my favourite Simple product, but it does what it says on the bottle although anything that says it is "pore minimising" seems to miss the memo when it comes to my skin!). This bottle lasted me quite some time too despite using it daily, so I would also say it is great value for money although I do still prefer the cleansing lotion from Simple.

Simple Clear Skin Oil Balancing Moisturiser - As an oily-skinned girl, I actually tend to steer clear of "oil reducing/balancing" products as they tend to do more harm than good. That being said, I did pick this product up and had no troubles with it. Simple pride themselves on being *kind to skin* and this moisturiser follows that philosophy. It doesn't strip away the oils but instead ever so slightly mattifys the face, making it a perfect moisturiser for makeup to be applied over. I didn't use this every morning in my routine as I did find it does start to dry out the skin if used exclusively every day, but its good for controlling those oils so I would rotate it with a more hydrating moisturiser and it seemed to work beautifully for me.

- A.
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