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What's in my Bag? (Beauty Bits)

"What's in my Bag" posts and videos are such a strange, outright nosy creation, but I love them all the same. I guess its just another way to get a taste of someone's personality and to get a little bit of inspiration if they have some great space-saving or storage ideas to share.

I have neither I'm afraid (soz I know, I'm shit), but as I am an avid beauty/skincare enthusiast, I thought I'd share what beauty bits I like to carry around with me on a daily basis.

Even if I'm wearing a lipstick (which most days I do), I always carry a lip balm and a lip scrub with me. I was a big fan of the classic Chapstick range, but they seem pretty hard to come by now, so now I stick to a Burt's Bees balm. I prefer a twist-up stick balm as they're the most convenient to apply when you're on-the-go, but another product I like to carry which isn't as on-the-go friendly is a sugar scrub. I absolutely love Lush's Mint Julips one and its a must for my handbag on days when my lips are feeling dry and chapped, especially in the winter months.

Another thing that tends to need a bit of TLC is my hands. I don't particularly like using hand creams as I find them sticky and a nuisance to use, but I make sure to carry some just in case, especially again, in the colder months. This Possibility's Raspberry Pavlova hand cream smells sickly sweet and therefore I don't mind using it so much. My fave on-the-go hand product though is a sanitizer. I love the Dr.Bronner's Lavender handspray sanitizer as 1) it smells amazing and 2) it is a spray and therefore not sticky and dries in no time.

Whilst I need some products to help keep dryness at bay, I need others to keep oils at bay. As I have extremely fine hair, I sometimes carry a dry shampoo if I know I'm going to have a long day or if its particularly windy. I'm picky when it comes to dry shampoos as as I have black hair, even those that don't leave white residue in other girl's hair will in mine as its so dark. Lee Stafford's one for dark hair is great as it is a dark brown powder and therefore works a lot better with my hair. The bottle is relatively small too so it is perfect throwing in your bag. Speaking of hair, I also always carry a brush of some sort, and currently its been my Tangle Teezer. I've just started giving the Wet Brush a go, but my Tangle Teezer has been a fail-safe choice for over a year for me now, so its always packed when I leave the house.

My other must-haves are pretty obvious - a deodorant and makeup for touch-ups. I love this cucumber deodorant from Dove as it has a really fresh but not overpowering scent and is a great size for a handbag. And as for makeup, as long as I have my fave concealer and a powder that doesn't go cakey, I am set for the day. I always take my Collection concealer as its a good one for touching up spot cover ups which is usually all I need it for, and I'm sure its of no surprise to see Lóreal's Nude Magique BB Powder in this post as I've raved about it enough on this ol' blog!

What's some of your favourite on the go beauty bits?

- A.
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