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Autumn Nail Shades

Now we are all guilty of reaching for the wine red and plum purple makeup products throughout the autumn and winter months, but I admit, it gets a little boring day in day out - especially when it comes to nails. Over summer I tried to wear nail varnish as little as possible just to give my nails a bit of a break, but now that I'm back to uni and full-time teaching every day, I feel like naked nails just can't be on show. I need to have nice hands when I'm handing out that classroom work y'know.

So this also got me thinking about the same dark berry shades I wear religiously through autumn and I wanted to shake things up a bit and wear something a little different. That's when I realised my favourite Barry M shades are perfect for this time of year. I wear these colours all year round, but they're particularly good for the colder months as they're all darker and warmer tones - not a pastel shade in sight!

I love Barry M for nail varnishes. The formula is always spot on, the colour range is fantastic, and the longevity of the varnish both on the nails and in the actual bottle are both pretty damn good. That being said, besides the Speeky Quick branch of Barry M (which I've already raved about here,) I also really love the Gelly Hi Shine collection. I'm not one for matte nails, so the shinier and glossier the better and this range also seems to up the chip-free longevity by a couple of days which makes them the best.

These shades are some of my absolute favourites from the Gelly Hi Shine collection and they just scream autumn. The burnt orange "Paprika" and muted red "Chilli" shades are an almost 70's dash of colour and that's probably why I reach for them the most. But the forest green shade "Cardamon" and the mustard yellow called wait, you guessed it, "Mustard" are my go-to's for when I want a more vibrant and unique colour that still looks great against any outfit, even if it clashes. My *safe* colours or more "mature" and office suitable shades are the gorgeous "Chocolate" and "Mushroom" shades. These monochromatic shades give you a little somethin' somethin' that is a breath of fresh air from your classic black nails, and "Mushroom" is great for us ladies who just don't feel comfortable in a white nail polish (anyone else feel like they look like they're wearing tipex?). At only £3.99 a bottle and usually in some sort of offer at Boots and Superdrug, these polishes are perfect for if you want to test out a different autumnal shade without breaking the bank.

- A.
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