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Autumnal Berry Lips

Autumn is my favourite season for numerous reasons: the colour of the leaves, the fact that it is cold enough to start layering and for wearing scarves, hot chocolates are a daily occurrence, Halloween!, oh and all the berry/burgundy lipsticks can come back out of retirement.

I love dark lips and would happily wear them all year round, but with my dark hair it can often be a bit *too much* but everyone joins in in Autumn, right? Typically we all reach for those deep burgundy berry shades, but I see this season as a chance to rock all different purples on the lips and celebrating Halloween can help us get away with the more out-there shades, so here's a few of my favourites I turn to each Autumn/Winter:

My go-to lipliner is from the budget brand, Essence and is in the shade 05 Soft Berry. After only picking this up a couple of months ago, it has quickly become one of my favourite plumy shades. As it only cost around £3, it was an absolute bargain and its staying-power and creaminess is on par with much more expensive, high-end products. You do need to top it up throughout the day if you're eating, drinking etc. but it doesn't flake or dry out the lips so re-applications are a doddle and something I don't mind doing.

As for lipsticks, I have two very different colours but very similar formulas. My all-time favourite ever (did you read that? ever.) lipstick is a deep berry shade Shade 7 Infatuated from Accessorize. I bought this lipstick a long time ago, longer than I care to admit because really I should have thrown it out by now, but I just can't part with it. I love this shade and as its a matte finish, it stays on the lips really well. Due to the colour, it tends to stain the lips too meaning eating and drinking can be done confidently without worrying that you're going to have too much of a ninety's outlined lip going on. The other reason I love this lipstick is because of its packaging - the colour of it, the artwork of owls and plants on it - it just screams more dollar than it was. If I recall, I think this little beauty cost me no more than £5 therefore it was a steal. I do use it sparingly now though, because I cannot find another like it!

My other fave matte lippy is completely different. We all know by now Sleek give Mac a run for their money in the lipstick stakes, and this one is no different. In the shade "Mystic" this lipstick is an almost garish bright violet purple and is certainly not a one for the faint-hearted. It is extremely matte, stays put all day long, is slightly drying but the pay off makes up for it. This is a great shade for fancy dress and Halloween parties, but is also lovely for dabbing on for daytime wear to give a more subtle wash. Some other lovely autumnal Sleek lipsticks are the shades: Smother, Smoulder and Dare.

You may have noticed all my favourites are matte formulas and I guess that's just because they're easier to work with on long days and I think that's what you need when working with such deep shades. There's nothing worse than wearing a burgundy lip and it bleeding and staining around your mouth because there's no way of disguising it! Therefore my last favourite is my faithful Lime Crime Velvetine in the shade Wicked. This is the darkest of all my berry lippies and is the best for no-budge wear. Its very similar in colour to my Accessorize lipstick, only it provides a more stubborn-to-smudge finish and is great for evenings out as you don't need to worry about reapplying or flaking. I am a little cautious when using this one however as it can bleed around my lips for some reason, which I've put down to either my batch is just a bit *off* in terms of its formula, or its just because of the shade as my other Velvetines are fool-proof. All in all though, I recommend these lippies to anyone and everyone.

What berry tones do you recommend?

- A.
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