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Black and Gold

So, sparkles and sequins are a season staple for the Christmas/New Year period and seeing as it's right around the corner (well not really but shhh, who's going to deny themselves Christmas coming early) I pulled this baby out for a spin. This dress is one of my absolute faves but I'm always hesitant to wear it because: a) I'm clumsy and that beading work is asking for trouble and b) having black hair can often put me off wearing black stuff - especially if its long sleeved and relatively high in the neck line. It's not that I don't want to goth-it-up because 14 year old Amy was a pro in that department lemme tell you, but I just sometimes feel like whatever I'm wearing would look way nicer on a blondie. But I've just got to get on with it really, don't I?

P.S. don't worry, I totally wore an ugly jacket over this to keep warm.

Zara Dress (similar) | Primark Saddle Bag (similar) | Jeffrey Campbell Boots

- A.
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