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Denim Flares

I'm excited about the weather changing and cooling down, it means an awful lot of my heavier jeans and trousers can come out of retirement and its already coat weather at least half of the days out of the week (yaaaasss). It seems to be struggling to transition fully into autumn this year though as some days its pretty cold and a jacket and boots are welcomed outfit choice, then the next day its over 20 degrees with hot sun and not a cloud in sight. On these days I'm trying to climatise myself somewhere in the middle to get some use out of my beloved denim which I can't wear as much as I'd like to right now due to work, but I'm also struggling to say goodbye to my summer clogs so... the tootsies are getting a little chilly.

Topshop Crochet Lace Kimono | H&M O-Ring Cami | ASOS Flares (similar) | Fringe Bag | Office Clogs (similar)

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