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Evening Skincare Routine

Now I know what you're thinking, this post does look suspiciously like my previously published morning skincare routine but that's because it is indeed really similar and I'm not going to apologise for it (so there!). A big problem with skincare is that a lot of ladies and gents - myself included - want instant results from products and when they don't deliver, they change to something new then a week later, they change to something new again. I'm a sucker for doing this so I've been cutting back my skincare and using one range of products that I have tried for long enough to know that they do good things for my skin, so why should I shake that up?

So just like my Morning Skincare Routine, it is made up of some delights from Liz Earle only this time there is an added hard-hitting bonus to my arsenal.

Most evenings I will use a micellar water to take off the majority of my makeup before cleansing. This step isn't exactly necessary, but is saves my muslin cloths from ending up covered in layers of foundation and mascara every week, and it also makes sure the cleanser penetrates through the grime to help the skin. If you don't use a micellar water or face wipes etc. to remove your initial top layer of makeup, I strongly advise you cleanse twice or have 2 cleansers you like to use in conjunction with each other, just to make sure your skin is really clean before bedtime. Just like every morning, I throw my muslin cloth under the hot tap and whilst it heats up, I apply 1-2 pumps of the Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser to my dry face and neck in circular motions. Once my cloth feels hot, I ring it out until its just damp and cloth-off the cleanser before splashing my face with cold water and dabbing it dry with a clean towel.

I then go in with a toner and again, I use what the same one I use every morning: the Instant Boost Skin Tonic. I shake some of the product onto a cotton pad and sweep it over my face, eyelids and neck and wait for it to dry. Sometimes, I like to use a night repair serum such as the Estée Lauder one or a heavy-duty night oil, but as the Superskin Moisturiser from Liz Earle is quite thick and creamy, I've been missing out those steps. This cream is a dream (heh) and is packed full of naturally active ingredients such as cranberries and rosehip seed oils which is designed for mature or very dry skin but anyone can use it. This isn't a moisturiser specifically for nighttime use, but I know that my oily skin just wouldn't be able to manage this for the daytime, and as it includes chamomile and lavandin in its fragrance, its really relaxing for bedtime. But for those who can't stand fragrance in their skincare or for those sensitive to it, they do do an unfragranced version too so you can still bask in its goodness.

After applying this cream, I then assess the acne situation. Like I mentioned in my morning routine post, I'm trying my best to stay away from using too many products that promise clean, acne and oil free skin as they're actually pretty damaging. That being said though, sometimes you need a lil' somethin' somethin' for those stubborn or sore spots so I use the big guns that is the Pan Oxyl Aquagel. I have used this product since around the age of 16 and it is something I just can't seem to live without. The Pan Oxyl range comes in cream or aqua gel form (although the aqua gel feels exactly like the cream!) and they come in different strengths: 2.5%, 5%, and 10%. They include Benzyl Peroxide to fight your acne, and how severe your acne is will determine what strength cream/gel you should use.

I've been using 10% for the last couple of years but I think its time to step it down to 5% as my skin seems to be getting more sensitive the older I get. Please be very careful if you use this product: it is extremely drying and will make your skin like that of a snake's so don't use it everyday like the packaging suggests unless absolutely necessary. It will dry out and reduce your spots in no time, but it may also make your skin incredibly sensitive, will burn the f*ck out of your eyes or lips if you get it a little too close to either or, and it will stain your bedsheets or clothing if you apply too much or don't let it fully soak in before getting dressed/getting in bed. If you're someone like me who suffers from "t-shirt acne" (acne across the chest, shoulders and back), again be careful with this as it will stain everything you love and own. Despite this, I do apply it on the nights I feel I need an extra hand kicking acne-butt, but I only ever apply it in an extremely thin layer.

- A.
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