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Lee Stafford Hair Care

Being a girl who has home box-dyed her hair since the tender age of 13, you would have thought I'd have always been avidly trying and testing hair treatments and care yet in reality, I couldn't have given less of a hoot. As I've had box-dyed black hair off and on (but the majority *on*) since around 14/15 years old, you can imagine my hair might be suffering the consequences of the punishment and neglect it has went through in the last almost 10 years.

In all honesty, my hair has always been in *okay* condition considering what I've put it through. Despite the downside of it being extremely thin and incredibly stubborn when it comes to growing, its always been soft and manageable despite washing it daily and using daily heat stylers. That being said though, it was high time I took a little bit of care with it, so in steps Lee Stafford.

I could have included other hair care faves I've tried and love in this post, but I thought I'd just include two lines of goodness in the form of Lee Stafford's Breaking Hair and Big Fat Healthy Hair. Let's be straight-up here, both of the these lines have vastly improved the condition of my hair, so much so, I didn't realise just how much TLC my hair needed until I saw results with these products. As I said, thin hair has been a bane of my life for many years, so naturally, I picked up the Big Fat Healthy Hair shampoo and conditioner with high hopes for big volume. Unfortunately, the volume never got the memo. I can't complain though as I've found the shampoo and conditioner actually make my hair more manageable because it's not as soft (hear me out). It gives me the ability to style my thin fly away strands without having to use a full bottle of hairspray everyday and does give me a little bit of lift at the roots so all in all, it is a big fat healthy (I'm sorry) help.

My favourite product which has been a real game changer though is the Breaking Hair Treament. Between shampooing and conditioning, I usually apply an egg size amount of this treatment to all of my hair and leave it to work its magic whilst I shave/body wash/sing for a few minutes in the shower. It softens the hair but in a "I'm healing the damage you keep doing" way. If you're looking for that artificial, stupidly soft, post hair-mask hair, then maybe this product won't be for you, but if you want it to seal those split ends together and to actually look after and heavily condition those hairs to keep them in top condition, then look no further. I use this once a week usually and any days I feel like my scalp needs a pick-me-up. After my shower, I also occasionally use the Breaking Hair Leave-in Treatment on the ends of my hair. Again, this is great for creating the illusion that those dry ends that need a good hair cut aren't as bad as they truly are and is the perfect product to use when you might have used a lot of heat styling in previous routines and thus need some quick hair TLC. Don't off by the small 75ml bottle, I thought I was probably wasting my money when I first bought it but I've used it weekly for over 4 months now and still have around a third of the tube left!

As for styling products, the all-in-one spray from Lee Stafford has been a fave amongst many youtubers and bloggers and I can certainly see why. A sea salt spray, hairspray, texturising spray all in one bottle sounds ridiculous but strangely, it works. This is great for giving a little volume and texture and works especially well on shorter hair or those who want bouncing curls. If you tend to use too many styling products, I highly recommend swapping them out for this to see if you prefer it. Yeah, I still use hairspray daily, but this has certainly minimised how much of it I use and it has definitely benefited the condition of my locks.

- A.

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