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Backcomb in a Bottle

If you caught my last hair care post, you will have saw the struggles this wee lady has when it comes to trying to get a bit of lift in her thin limp hair. I listed a few of my fave products for helping give me bigger and better locks, but that was before I tested this diamons.

Umberto Giannini is a hair care/styling range I've never paid much attention to, but when I saw the title of this can, my curiosity took over. As I've said before, I'm seriously lacking in the thick voluminous hair department. As a result of this I backcomb my hair on a daily basis if I'm wearing it down so as you can imagine, I'm probably doing my hair no favours. So when I saw "backcomb in a bottle" I hoped and prayed that I would never have to backcomb my barnet ever again... And that's kind of true...

Basically, I like this product. First off, it smells beautiful. It has a nice sweet smell but nothing overpowering - it smells like a sweeter version of every hair salon product. Now down to what it does. I spray this into my roots and give it a bit of a rub with my finger tips and it does give to lift and height to your roots. It's quite similar to the Schwarzkopf Got2B Powder'ful styling powder but doesn't have as much uncomfortable texture to it. It does have a bit of a texture though, but just like a texturising spray so nothing as harsh as a dry shampoo or hairspray. If you have manageable hair and don't have to use hairspray to hold it in place that often, this would be a great alternative to those days you do opt for hairspray as it gives you a bit of hold but with movement.

It is a really good product, but I found I did have to still backcomb a little if I was styling my hair down. One bonus though is that using the product in conjunction with backcombing works stupidly well and means you get great volume with less backcombing, ultimately benefiting your hair. For that reason, its perfect to use for up-dos and beehives as it will give you intense height without the aid of shed-loads of hairspray so its less damaging when it comes to brushing it out at the end of the day/night. If you want Amy Winehouse wiggy madness, pick up some of this.

- A.
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