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Some of you may or may not know that I've been teaching full time in a secondary school for just over a month now and its meant I've had to reevaluate a lot of things. How much I swear on a daily basis and how difficult it is for many people to understand my northern accent because I speak at a the leisurely speed of 100mph have been some of the main things up for scrutiny for myself. But another big dilemma I've face is my personal style. I've always been a "I'll wear whatever the hell I want" sort of girl and I'm very much still in that mindset although, you can't have that freedom in a school.

As a girl who's wardrobe is 50% denim and another 30% baggy t-shirts with no shape to them, I've hardly been ready to suit-up every day to look smart and to dominate a classroom. So I've been working out how to smarten up a little for the daily grind, but also incorporate my style into each outfit so I feel comfortable. Working essentially a 9-5 job with a tough crowd who you have to speak in front of all day can be a tough gig, so I at least want to feel 100% myself and comfortable whilst I do it, so outfits like this one have been a current go-to. (Well, minus the very sparkly clutch... That's been an added accessory every weekend when I've had to fulfill my teachery-role of drowning many sorrows in many plates of food and many glasses of alcohol I paid someone else to prepare for me, ahem).

H&M Top | Primark Knitted Skirt (similar) | Hello Kitty Clutch (similar) | Topshop Clogs | ASOS Choker

- A.
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