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Coat Weather 2.0

It's finally "proper" coat weather! When I say "proper" what I really mean is you can't leave the house without one or else you'll die and it's more than beneficial to pack a scarf and gloves too. I'm so extremely happy about this you have no idea. Out comes the shearling jackets, the fux fur coats, the scarves, bobble hats and layers upon layers of knitwear. Fur-lined boots to keep my tootsies toasty also come out of the suitcase they've been hiding in for months and rejoice that its winter. I just really like this cold weather, okay?

There's some absolutely gorgeous shearling coats hanging around some sites this winter, and I can feel them tugging at my heartstrings and my bank balance... Yeah, I'm blatantly going to end up with another aren't I?

Missguided Coat | H&M Gypsy Top (similar) | Topshop Joni Jeans | Primark Bag | Asos Rings | Boohoo Boots (similar)

- A.
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