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The Library of Fragrance

Perfume is something I'd bathe myself in if I could and I am a "typical girl" when it comes down to it - if its sickly sweet, I will love it. I'm happy wearing any old thing I get my hands on really, but a while ago I saw some good things said about The Library of Fragrance and instantly needed to give them a go. As they're a cologne range, they don't have the staying power or overwhelming scent that an eau de parfum or even an eau de toilette will give you, so this was something new for me as I knew the scents were going to be much more subtle than I was used to and much more day-time friendly.

The Library of Fragrance has scents of anything and everything - from pizza, to lavender, to tobacco and gin and tonic (crazy right?). I struggled so bad with choosing some scents and just took a risk with what I initially ordered via Boots. My original ordered consisted of the scents Clean Skin and Thunderstorm. I thought I couldn't go wrong with clean skin and thunderstorm just sounded too good to pass up. I was a little disappointed when the scents arrived - clean skin smelt more like medical soap to me and as I initially wanted to order Baby Skin but it was out of stock, I felt I'd gotten the raw end of a deal. Thunderstorm was different and was a scent that I didn't like or dislike. It smelt very earthy, like rain, and was very unisex making it a great buy for guys and girls but as I love those sickly sweet scents, it just wasn't *wow* enough for me.

As the perfumes came just as bottles with no outer packaging, I began to panic that I wouldn't be able to return them so on a whim, I emailed The Library of Fragrance directly to see if a return/exchange was possible. They were absolutely fantastic. They assured me as long as I was happy to pay the postage for the perfumes to be returned, they would swap the two of them for any other two I wanted. This was great news for me as the actual site has ten-fold more scents than what Boots stocked. I was unsure of what scents I would like and as I didn't want to make the same mistake again, I sent the staff a list of scents I like - including my favourite perfumes - and they suggested some that I may like. In the end I ordered Moonbeam and Vanilla Ice Cream.

Vanilla Ice Cream smells just as it suggests but isn't your typical vanilla scent as it actually smells almost more dairy and to me, almost like the smell of ice cream wafers/cones too. Moonbeam is my favourite though. Naturally, it would be a risk ordering a scent with such a non-descriptive name and with limited info of what the scent is made up of on the site, but I love it. Its a really unusual smell, but its still girly yet fresh, and is something I could use as the base for a lot of different layering with different Library fragrances and that's the beauty of these colognes - layering. Layering these two, I can smell like freshly made sweet popcorn *cue the drooling* but layering Moonbeam with Lavender or Cherry Blossom, and I get a totally different depth. All in all, the company is great, really helpful, and perfect for gifts if you don't want to get someone a *typical* perfume.

Have you tried The Library of Fragrance range?

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