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Denim Surprise Surprise

Surprise Surprise, another denim number. I just can't help it! I feel so comfortable in denim and find the various blue hues suit my skin tone, hair etc etc. Look at me trying to justify why 60/70% of my wardrobe is denim when really I just bloody like it. Loads. (Also, this dress is currently in the sale - you're welcome!). I also finally caved and got a pair of knee high boots - well, 2 pairs. This pair of my favourite though. They were only £9.99 in La Moda's latest sale and they're so unbelievably comfy and warm - great for outfits I don't want to wear tights with!

Also, who's excited for Christmas?! It's came around so quickly - I can't wait for a big family Christmas lunch and too much chocolate/wine/cheese/everything.

Asos Denim Lace-up T-Dress (and similar) | Topshop Bag | La Moda Over Knee Boots

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