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Irresistible Me

When it comes to hair and hair extensions, I am certainly worthy of a "been there done that" award and t-shirt. Long gone are the days I had to use washing up liquid on my broken scalp, trying to dissolve cheap hair glue which had knotted up my hair (pro tip: never wear cheap glue-in extensions!) but I am still a sucker for some clip ins now and again.

As someone who has been a fan of the Dirty Looks and Luxy Hair sites for extensions over the last few years, I haven't really ever looked elsewhere until now. Irresistible Me are a brand who specialise in hair extensions, full lace wigs, and hair accessories/care which range in price and quality. They recently contacted me to ask if I'd be interested in giving a review and as someone who has worn extensions off and on for the past 10 years, I figured I could give a pretty honest review, so here we go!

First off: what I ordered. I ordered a set of the 18 inch, 200G, Silky Touch clip in extensions in the shade Jet Black*. As I dye my hair black, I knew the shade would match perfectly however, talking to Blair James from the brand, I knew that if I was struggling they would be very helpful and eager to answer any questions I may have. This range is the *second to best* extensions the site offers (for lack of a better phrase) and are made with 100% Remy Human Hair. This means that the extensions - if given some occasional TLC - should last for at least a few months if not a couple of years if they're not used daily/heat styled often etc. They are the site's best sellers and can be washed, heat styled and even dyed just like your natural hair.

They were shipped off via FEDEX pretty quickly and I received them after a matter of days - brownie points for a company that were having to send them from overseas! I also had a tracking code to check they were en route and they arrived in perfect condition. Irresistible Me have simple, minimalist but cute/chic packaging. They have a 2 clip extension weft in a separate pouch to the full set, making it possible to check the length and shade is correct before opening the rest of the pack and therefore making them nonreturnable. Many extension suppliers do this nowadays, but Irresistible Me also included 3 spare clips which I thought was a nice added bonus!

The set included:
1 x 4 clip/inch quad weft
2 x 3 clip/inch wefts
5 x 2 clip/inch wefts
2 x 1 clip/inch wefts

In hindsight, I could have made do with the lighter weight set as I can't physically wear the whole set all at once. That's not a complaint in the slightest as it means you get a lot of hair for your buck which is a seriously nice surprise. This is mainly down to the quad weft. The quad weft has four 4 inch wefts sewn together and therefore is a great piece for adding thickness to your tresses. As it is so thick, it means I technically have two sets as I can keep the majority of the other wefts to wear when *these ones* get old and tired looking. The 18 inch set were also too long for me. I know most people wear extensions for the princess length and I certainly used to, but now I'm happier for them to give my actual hair a bit of volume and thickness so I had to shave off a couple of inches. Again, this shows how great quality this company are as far too often I've bought "18 inch" extensions and they've been too short, hence the order length this time around.

As for styling, they are really easy to work with. A curl will last in them for up to 3 days with only the use of a heat protect spray and a hot styler. The wefts sit comfortably on the scalp as they are sewn nicely and the quad weft has lace netting similar to that you will find in good quality wigs. The extensions get thinner towards the tips of the hair - just like natural hair - making them easy to blend whether they're kept straight or styled with a curl. As with most fake hair pieces, these extensions shouldn't be brushed all of the time - minimal brushing will help their longevity - but I found even in the hustle and bustle of a windy day in London, they only needed brushing once whilst I was out - result.

The range is fantastic and will suit most hair types - you can choose your length and your weight of the extensions (ranging from 100G - 200G) from a starting price of $59. Although I was sent my set for review, I would happily pay the bargain price they're sold at again in future. I think I just found a new favourite brand. Check out the Irresistible Me website here

- A.
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