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Off Duty Days

Like most girls, I have my fair share of clothes and of course, my fair share of favourite pieces, but it may come as a surprise to most of you what my ultimate faves are that I reach for the most. I have an old battered slouchy Mango tee that is my all-time favourite top and riding high in second place behind it is this beat-up ACDC raglan. Its lost any shape it once had, it wearing dangerously thin, the sleeves are no longer a crisp white and there's more spots of black hair dye on it than I can to admit. But I just can't break up with it. It's stupidly comfy and is a must-have almost every weekend when I have a lazy day. Sure, its definitely indoors worthy, when I have nothing to do except clean, catch up on uni work or the latest season of *insert almost every show on netflix* but I still take it out for a spin in the great outdoors, amongst the general public which maaay be against my better judgement.

I love to pair it with a pair of jeans. Whether it be skinnies or flares, combined with a comfy pair of shoes and its an effortless, comfortable, snug outfit. It's certainly not a "I put a lot of effort into my appearance today" ensemble, but it's without a doubt my "I don't care what I look like right now because I'm comfy af" and I love it for that.

P.S. This bag is to die for.

And Finally AC/DC Raglan | Asos Ripped Denim Flares | Asos Embroidered Bag | Monki Platform Shoes

- A.
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