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Some Travel Essentials

Its the season of festivity, parties, and trave and every Christmas I travel home to see my family which is something I always look forward to but my beauty regime does not. If I was to lug all of my hair care, skin care and makeup products with me, my suitcase would probably be condemned so I try my best to pack light and rigorous with what products I choose to take along for the ride.

Although there's some products I can't leave out (like my moisturisers and cleansers) there's some other products I tend to swap in just for the holiday season. For instance, the Batiste Dry Shampoo Plus in the shade Divine Dark is a must. I tend to wash my hair everyday as its too thin and fine not to, but on those lazy days when I'm happy to scrape it all up into a bun, this little lifesaver comes in handy. Back in my bright orange/ginger hair days, the Batiste red shade was something I used almost daily as it actually gave my tired roots a bit of a facelift, but since having dark hair again, I've struggled to find a dry shampoo that works as well. A little goes a long way with this as I find overuse makes my hair go a dark grey/brown as its too light for my dark tresses, but all in all its a must have for my holiday bag.

Keeping with the theme of hair, some other important products for me is shampoo and conditioner. I regularly made the mistake of going home and just using whatever my mam has been using but the problem with that is the shampoos often don't agree with my hair and make it greasy. These two minis from Soap and Glory are great. At the price of £2.50 each, they're extremely reasonably priced and smell beautiful. I recently took them to London for a few days visiting friends and I was surprised to see how shiny and clean they made my hair look. High five on the minis front, Soap and Glory! (That body wash is also a winner - it smells delicious!)

I have no shame in saying I have hair problems - if mens' 5 o'clock stubble shadows existed in the land of ladies legs then I'd be a main victim of it therefore a razor is mega important in my travel bag. This little travel-friendly Gilette Venus Snap is so handy as it is very small but still has a full 5 blade head and nestles nicely in a small plastic carry case. This makes it perfect for travelling as it can be kept clean and separate from your other shower bits and pieces and won't make your bag wet - winner!

My last main essential is lip balm. Over the festive season I like to rock the dark and red lips more than normal so my lips can become quite delicate and sore. This Palmer's Dark Chocolate and Mint Cocoa Butter balm is new to me but I can already honestly say it has made the world of difference to the condition of my lips. No one wants dry chapped lips in all the Christmas and New Year snaps so always make sure to pack a moisturising lip option.

- A.
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