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The Foundation for Blemish Skin

Before I get into this foundation review - Merry Christmas Eve! I'm currently curled up on the sofa watching Christmas movies with my mam and little brother and pretending I don't need to write two Masters' assignments for university... Ha - enough of the boring stuff.

Now, onto this foundation. Vichy is a brand that I've really been enjoying recently. I've swapped a few of their skincare products into my daily routine (more on that in a future blog post) and enjoyed them so much I thought I'd give this foundation a go. Its from Vichy's Dermablend range which is targeted at blemish prone skin that might need a little more coverage than others and let me straight up say, I've been really impressed with it.

The packaging promises 16 hours of wear, SPF 35, and high coverage without a masking effect. Although its aimed at those who might need a higher dose of coverage, it would certainly be suitable for all skin types - especially those who are oily as it settles relatively matte and stays that way. I picked it up in boots in the shade 05 porcelain and was pleasantly surprised - it is the perfect shade match for me and that never happens. On first application, I was a little worried by how yellow it was and instantly decided it would inevitably be too dark as the dermablend compact foundation I have tried in the past was but I was so wrong. If you are incredibly pink toned, I probably wouldn't recommend this, but if you are a yellow tone girl and suffer the struggle of drugstore foundations being a bit too pink every time like me, grab this one quick.

Okay now lets talk formula. It definitely lives up to its high coverage claim as I would compare it to Estée Lauder's Double Wear but it is not as easy to work with. That isn't actually a complaint, just a realisation after trying to use it with a damp beautyblender, a dry beautyblender, and a brush, it is a product best suited to your own trusty tools - your fingers. The foundation, although quite liquid and runny when you squeeze it out of the tube, dries quite quickly so you need to work with it fast. I tend to dab it on one area of my face and instantly blend it in and then work on the next so it hasn't got time to set before you've blended it out. Although its incredibly high coverage, it does give you a natural finish - it is far from cakey but still manages to really mask those pesky spots of all types and shades which is a bonus as it means you haven't got to pile on the corrector or concealer.

As I said earlier, it dries on more of the matte side but it is in no way drying and I would 100% agree with the 24 hour hydration claim that the packaging makes. I would actually say its one of the comfiest foundations I've ever tried and owned especially if you're wearing it for a significant chunk of your day. As for the 16 hours of wear claim, I'm always going to dispute something so promising. My only experience of this foundation has been with a primer but even with that extra help, it has lasted around 7 or 8 hours. This is still pretty good, but as an extremely oily girl, it does need touching up throughout the day. Of course the high SPF protection is fantastic for hot holidays and as the foundation successfully creates the thin veil over your face, it wouldn't get too creased or sweaty looking which makes it an incredibly versatile foundation for every season.

For me, this foundation has been an absolute winner. At around the £15 marker, its a thousand times better than some of my high end ones and I will definitely be repurchasing when I eventually run out of it. The range has only 8 shades however and as this is the palest shade and is quite yellow, I imagine the other shades won't be universal for everyone, but I would recommend giving it a go if you think it might match up. It has been my travel favourite over the festive period as I don't need to take any brushes etc for its application. I think you can guess that I recommend this, so here's where you can buy it.

- A.
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