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Winter Velvet Kimono

Kimonos are great for summer because they keep you covered from the sun's rays whilst being lightweight and breathable in the heat. But when it comes to winter, you can't really get away with them unless its over a jumper and even then, only some of the look *right* styled in that way. But then there's the velvet burn out kimonos. Those just scream winter, right?

I picked this one up in a sale in August and I've been burning to wear it whenever I can. The tassels and the feel of it make me almost feel like I've stepped outside in my dressing gown by mistake?? but the colours are so rich and iridescent it just adds something to any old boring outfit. I teamed it with this glittery leotard/body I've had for an age because well... It's almost Christmas... Any excuse to wear a bit of glitter.

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