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Winter Wonderland

A couple of weeks ago I went to London to visit my best friend for a few days. Now, controversial opinion here, I'm not a huge fan of London. It's too busy, too congested and just generally stresses me out too much but I did have a brilliant time during the 4 days I spent there. The night before I headed back home, we headed to Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park. This is an annual Christmas event and every year I've drove past it on my way to see my family for Christmas so I was stupidly excited to actually go to it this year.

First up, this place is huge. I know Hyde Park is fantastically big itself, but I didn't realise just how much of the park Winter Wonderland actually takes up. For those who might not know about Winter Wonderland, it is basically a huge German Christmas market complete with Bavarian beer stalls, crepes, bratwurst, churros and everything else fatty and delightful. There's also your typical carnival stalls for winning cuddly toys etc. and the best thing - rides. After going on 3 rides, we decided to not spend any more money because if I didn't restrain myself then, I would have spent my very last pound on them. Here are some snaps from my visit.

So Christmassy, right? There were 3 three haunted houses/ghost train rides at the market - I couldn't believe it!

We spent a good 4/5 hours here which just goes to show how much the place has to offer. You could go ice skating, sit in sweet little heated huts with fluffy throws to consume beer or you could even squeeze onto the incredibly popular carousel bar (pictured above - how great is that?!). I'd definitely recommend going as its free entry, you can literally spend nothing if you were stuck for cash, but it is perfect for families, for friends, and especially for dates. Very romantic and a nice change of pace from the traffic jams of central London!

- A.
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