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2016 Goals

- Use my passport: It's been a long time since I had a holiday to another country, so I'm adamant to put my passport to good use this year. Although I was a cold weather, snowy break as soon as possible, I'm thinking the most sensible thing to do is have a nice hot holiday somewhere with Matthew.

- Travel somewhere alone: I've always been a bit of a hypochondriac and always imagine the worst case scenario happening in every situation, so sometimes going places alone or doing stuff by myself can make me feel on edge. I've noticed in the last couple of years though, I've become a lot more independent and as I've always enjoyed my own company, I figure I should take that as an opportunity. I've always loved the idea of going on holiday alone but I just don't know if I'm confident enough to do it yet. So instead, I'm going to maybe try a city break or at least something just in UK for a few days and build it up from there. Who knows, in 2017 I might be planning a solo holiday to the other side of the world!

- Positive Vibes Only: You've probably all realised by now that I am one sarcastic mother tutter. It's always been a trait of mine I haven't minded but my negativity is something I need to change. To be sarcastic is one thing, but to always see the bad side of things or to always be pessimistic does take its toll on emotional wellbeing. So I'm trying my best to be more pozzy in 2016.

- Use my body more & don't stop!: Although my diet has never been particularly healthy and could always do with a nudge in the right direction, one thing I did keep on top of was exercise. I'm not one for enjoying the gym as there's other people there, ew, and I'm not a strong running unless its sprints, so I always did a lot of cardio and yoga at home. That kind of took a step back (or should I say, became a couch potato) when I moved in with Matt and started caring less about my appearance. That's no excuse for it and it actually used to boost my mood and overall energy levels so I need to get that routine back. I'm not doing it for a "new year, new body, new me" reason because to be honest, my weight is fine; I'm average for my height. But I want to be more toned, more confident, and just spend my time doing more meaningful positive things.

- Unplug & be creative: That last goal leads me onto this one. I'm very much a guilty party for wasting hours at a time scrolling through Tumblr or sitting on Facebook when in reality, it can be extremely boring! I no longer read all of the time, I no longer "have the time" to draw or paint, and I no longer go for long walks alone and you know, that's quite depressing! I need to unplug more often from social media and boring distractions. Although I like gaming, I need to not spend 8 hours playing Fallout 4 and wasting a whole day having nothing but some achievement trophies on my PSN account to show for it. This year I want to get back to the things that I feel improve my life.

- Do more, spend less: Kinda off the back of the previous goals, I want to do more *stuff*. I want to travel more, take more photographs, explore more, put myself "out there" more, the whole nine yards. Whilst doing that though I want to be good with my money. I'm pretty tight when it comes to spending - I always find bargains and usually refuse to pay full price for most things, but I'm making a conscious effort to curb my spending and just save. I have so much to save for (a house, tattoos, holidays, life after being a student) that spending just should not be happening as frequently as it does. So, Amyleigh, let's just stop, yeah?

- Be more blog: The last one is pretty simple. I want to take more care with my blog and put even more effort into it. Considering I've been running NB alongside being a full time post graduate student and being a full time teacher, I've got to say I'm pretty proud at how it's turning out. I have frequent content, I have regular themes and focuses, but I want more. I want to be well-prepared and schedule posts in advance to relieve stress from last-minute fumbling around for content, I want to take care with my photography and only include what I'm truly happy with, and I want to provide a more rich variety of posts. Sure, I love makeup and fashion, there two major aspects of my life and interests, but I also love graphic novels and comics, food, art, gaming, mindfulness and spirituality, as well as taxidermy, oddities, nature and movies. I want to incorporate so much more of myself into this blog and make it even more personal. And I hope you guys will enjoy the ride. I also need to come to terms with my shyness. My blog is something I don't promote to friends or family and why? I have no idea. Its something I just don't share which is really really silly of me. I need to get over that hurdle and be confident and proud of what I do as a hobby because honestly? I think I do a pretty alright job at it.

Whilst those are my "proper" goals for this year, I also have more *silly* ones which are little minute things. Things like collecting more patches and badges for my denim jacket and my leather jacket, getting the tattoos I've wanted for what feels like an eternity and continuing to explore the realm of beauty and skincare in search of the best lotions and potions for me and my skin. I also would like to try and spend more time with friends and family as teaching can be a pretty time-consuming lonely job and I need to get the work/social life balance right. These are all things that I know I'll continue to do over many many years, so they can't be goals for the year but more like goals for my me for forever.

What are some of your goals for 2016?

- A.
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