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Boy oh Boy

What do you do when you're feeling completely uninspired with your wardrobe? You borrow pieces from your boyfriend's of course! (when I say "borrow" I mean "take and put back before he notices"). I've felt a little bit in a rut with my style lately. I've been living in jeans and t-shirts which is a great go-to for me no matter how I'm feeling, but I'm struggling to break the cycle. I'm sure I'm just having "one of those days" but having them regularly and will put on a frilly dress soon and instantly snap out of it. Men's clothes are great though. I love the cut of some items and the colour palettes are always a little bit more appealing to me than the colours deemed "more girly".

This chambray light blue shirt of Matt's is waaay too big for me as he's a tall dude, but teamed with my more fitted petite leather jacket and some skinny jeans, it just plays with proportions slightly without looking silly. You could wear it tied at the waist or just like normal and it will still give you a slightly androgynous vibe which I'm a big fan of. Although it's quite a masculine look, somehow when the shirt is left just to hang like normal, it looks kind of feminine due to it being too big but sewn in a fitted style... I like it.

New Look Biker Jacket | Asos Men's Shirt | Asos Ridley Jeans | New Look Check Scarf (similar) | Office Clogs

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