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Canadian Tuxedo

The love for denim is strong in this one, and by that I mean me myself and I and I definitely mean this post. I own a lot of denim - shirts, dresses, skirts, jeans, dungarees... the list goes on. That still doesn't mean I don't have room for some more items though and it certainly doesn't mean I won't stray into other people's collections and take some of their denim pieces... Like this men's shirt - sorry not sorry, Matthew!

These jeans are something I'm waiting to fully crack out in the warmer months. They're the perfect fit vintage high risers that are the right amount of baggy and mom-fit but also great figure-huggers where it's needed. I can't wait to wear them with just some casual flats and loose tees and be so friggin' comfy. They're almost as good as wearing pajamas, I swear down.

Burton Men's Denim Shirt (similar) | Vintage Mom Jeans | Boohoo Fedora | Steve Madden Pumps

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