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Creme Matte Lipsticks

We all know by now over here on NB that I'm a bit of a big fan of a matte lip. I find them really flattering and the best smudge-proof options and therefore perfect for workdays and nights out. The one gripe I have with them is they can sometimes be incredibly drying for the lips - especially if you wear them day in day out. Because of this, I've been on the hunt for some more comfortable options; something that is still matte but gives you a bit more moisture and I stumbled upon creme mattes.

Matte liquid lipsticks are probably my fave matte style, but they are extremely drying and can be flaking and difficult to reapply if you're wearing them for more than a few hours. The creme matte lippy is the complete opposite. Still velvety soft, still matte, but they give you a little more wriggle room and I have three current favourites:

Collection Cream Puff Lip Cream - This is the cheapest one of the bunch (£2.99) but it's a goodie. Collection are a great super budget brand which I always turn back to time and time again and when I first learnt about creme matte lippies, these guys were the first I tested. I have the shade Fairy Cake which is usually way out of my comfort zone. It's a slightly darker cotton candy pink and very girly which I usually don't reach for, but this one suits my skin tone really well. They have three different shades in the range, all neutral daytime shades, and they're all super comfortable on the lip. It applies really easily with a doe-foot applicator and takes a little while to dry down so be patient! It does transfer even when it has dried (on mugs, if you're eating etc.) but because the shade is so subtle and the product is so cheap, you can't complain really!

Nyx Soft Matte Lip Cream - Now this product is the one that truly won me over. Nyx are a brand who I absolutely love so I had high hopes for this product. There is an extensive colour range so much so, I actually felt a little bit overwhelmed trying to pick out a shade! I settled on these two - 02 Stockholm and Copenhagen - both as you can see, are very different. Stockholm is a shade I just instantly gravitate towards which is why I seem to own several products in pretty much the same colour, but this one is different somehow. The tone of this one suits my skin tone so much better than my other similar slightly pinky, nude shades. It applies really smoothly and is incredibly easy to work with. It dries relatively quickly and settles to a lovely velvety matte finish. You can see how much more moisturising it as it doesn't fall into every groove or natural wrinkle of your lips like other more drying liquid lipsticks tend to do. Again, this one can transfer and come off if you're eating or drinking etc., but also again, the shade lends itself to this mishap and is easily fixed with reapplication.

Now for the other shade, Copenhagen. This is kind of where this shade lets me down. Of course you should always expect darker shades to be more difficult to work with when it comes to lipsticks, so it's no surprise this one can be a little devil sometimes! The shade is your typical dark berry autumnal/winter shade and just like Stockholm, applies really easily but be cautious: this one can take a little more work to get an even universal colour. I tend to apply this, wait for it to dry, then reapply another coat to areas that may be a little patchy. Obviously because of this I tend to keep this shade for days/nights when I know I won't be wearing it for too long, but it's just something to bear in mind. If you were to wear this for a whole day however you totally could! The best thing about these lippies is whilst they may not be transfer-proof, they are so quick and easy to reapply and fix up as they never flake off or go cakey. Just what you want from a lip product. really!

- A.
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