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L'Oréal La Palette Nude

I rarely do a beauty post on one single item, but I had to make an exception for this palette. In the last couple of years, we've seen a big jump in the quality and quantity of eyeshadow palettes that have been released and they've become a popular makeup product for most makeup-loving maidens - myself included! When I headed home to the north for Christmas, I forgot to bring a palette in my luggage and cursed myself to hell. Maybe I'm being a bit dramatic, but I was certainly annoyed with myself so I scanned the small beauty section of Southampton Airport and scouted out the La Palette Nude palette from L'Oréal.

This slick petite palette consists of ten complimentary shadows; 5 shimmers and 5 mattes. I picked up the 'beige' edition as the shades appealed to me. Having grey/blue eyes, the warm browns suit me more than the shades in the more pink/rose gold palette they also do, so I figured I'd get on with the 'beige' palette more. Now first up, let's talk about the shadows themselves. They're really creamy and easy to blend, and the mattes actually work. A big gripe I have with most drugstore eyeshadow palettes or single shadows is the matte shades can be quite chalky and hard to work with on the lid, but these ones apply like a dream. Both the shimmers and the mattes are quite sheer in their wash of colour - this isn't a criticism of the palette, it just means you have to layer them up for a more bold look but the sheerness of them makes them great for everyday daytime wear. All of the matte brown/taupey shades are lovely crease colours and the darkest matte is a lovely charcoal dark grey/black which is much easier to work with than your more solid black shades.

I'm also particularly fond of the shimmers - especially the two furthest left of the palette. The palest shade is a great one for using as a highlight for your brow bone and inner corner and the other is a great all over lid shade for if you're feeling lazy. My lids can get quite oily throughout a long day but I was pleasantly surprised to see no transfer or creasing of these shadows - even without the aid of primer!

The palette itself is also great as it is an extremely lightweight and slimline plastic casing; perfect for travel and actually quite sturdy so no breaking should ensue! It has a relatively large mirror should you need it and the brush? It's actually pretty good. I know many people prefer a fluffy brush for shadows but I quite like packing on shadow with your traditional sponge applicator and then blending it out with a fluffy brush so this brush works really well for me considering its a freebie. If you're new to makeup or you're looking for a palette that's good for travel and that gives you subtle eye looks, I would recommend checking this one out.

P.S. Boots also have a pretty great bargain pack on at the moment. You can get the palette, a liquid liner pen, and a mascara for £19.99. That's a damn good deal - and you can take a look at it, here.

- A.
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