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Yellow is my favourite colour but I often find it a really difficult colour to wear. Being a pale yellow-toned girl, it can often wash me out or even worse, blend in my skin tone too well *shudders*. That being said, there's one shade of yellow I always gravitate towards and that is mustard. I love mustard coloured jumpers, mustard woolly beanie hats, mustard nail varnish... And now this dress. This gorgeous boho dress will be beautiful in summer but I haven't been able to resist wearing it now. With an under slip, a good coat and some boots, its instantly ready for spring.

It's my birthday tomorrow!!! I never used to get excited about birthdays as a teen, but I seem to be getting more giddy the older I get. I'll be turning 25 which makes me want to vomit and it is inevitable that the questions like "where are you going with your career? when are you having a baby? when are you getting married?" are going to start rolling in, so I'm going to carry on wearing my cowboy print pajamas whilst eating nutella out of the jar, watching Disney movies so everyone takes the hint. I'm still not ready to adult yet.

New Look Suede Jacket | H&M Dress | Topshop Fringe Bag | To Be Announced Western Boots via Urban Outfitters

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