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L'Oréal Extraordinary Clay

I'm not spoiling this whole post by instantly giving away my thoughts towards this hair combo, but I'm stupidly impressed with it. Keep reading - I promise I'll elaborate!

Okay so I've mentioned many times now on this ol' blog that I suffer from the worst combination of *hair problems* you can imagine: dry split ends, extremely oily roots, its thinner than paper thin, and there's not a lot of it. I'm always on the hunt for shampoo/conditioner/hair products in general that will work with this nightmare I call my barnet but never seem to find a winner. This new L'Oréal Elive range sucked me straight away with its promises. You're going to work with my oily roots and dry split ends? It all sounded too good to be true.

This new range is currently available at Boots for a bargain bundle price of £10 - that's a tenner for a full size 400ml shampoo and conditioner and also a tub of the range's clay hair mask. I figured if I didn't love it, I could always give the job lot away but luckily, it is fast becoming my favourite haircare set I've found in a long time.

So let's get more down to more details. The Extraordinary Clay range is, as mentioned, for oily hair problems predominantly and therefore it is jam-packed with three different types of clay. The formula is designed to smooth split ends and nourish dryness whilst soaking up excess oils and giving roots a weightless lifted feeling. My first thoughts on using the products was that the formula smells delicious and actually keeps a nice clean smell to your hair for the rest of the day. It also lathers insanely well meaning you tend to use less product so these huge 400ml bottles will last for a long long time. After trialing the products for three weeks, I would definitely say its made my hair feel cleaner for longer, especially compared to any other in-shower hair products I've ever used previous to these. Although I'm still having to wash my hair everyday, I've noticed each morning that my hair is looking and feeling less dirty than it usually would so I'm hoping with prolonged use, every other day washing might be my new future routine! The packaging claims to keep hair clean and "lifted" for up to 72 hours so ladies with thicker hair or maybe not as oily as mine, you might have more success with it.

The major selling point of the range is that it is rebalancing - the products aim to get your hair to a balanced state of nourishment and cleanliness without doing too much of one and not enough of the other. However the hair mask specifically targets the oily element to your hair. One thing I would say about it is that I could take it or leave it - I don't know whether its because my hair is so thin and there's not a lot of it or not, but it seems to make my scalp a little itchy - as if its almost too good at soaking up hair oils. But that being said, if you have even slightly thicker hair than a bald eagle, you might not have this problem. It certainly does what it says on the tin! There's a definite difference between the days I've used the pre-wash hair mask and days that I haven't but like I said, it may take a little more perseverance with the hair mask for me to fall in love with it as much as the cleaning products. Either way, I'd recommend this range to anyone.

- A.
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