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Are Your Pins Summer Ready?

I honestly have a cheek to have that title as a blog post. I also have an absolute cheek to be writing a whole post dedicated to the topic. Why I hear you ask? Well I am a pasty pale girl with some pretty bad blue/green/purple veiny skin that should never come out for summer but it does as soon as weather permits. I used to hate bearing my legs when the warmer months rolled around but now I couldn't give a monkeys. One thing I do try my best to do though is to minimise them looking gross. If you're a Clumsy Claire like me, you know exactly what I'm talking about - yep, cuts, bruises, you name it. So although this won't be a post about getting those pins nice and bronzed because I look straight-out hideous with a tan, I can at least guide you in the ways to get them looking healthy and ready for the sun to bounce off of them and blind passer-bys, which I can only hope is going to happen soon as the weather is warming up *quiet inner cheering*.

Okay, so first thing to tackle is whether or not your legs are ready to be shaved. I'm not saying you have to shave, I just prefer to. But before I can do that, I like to gently exfoliate first. This is my way of making sure I haven't got any ingrown hairs or patches of dry skin cells that could mean spots are missed during the torture of shaving. To gently do this (as my legs are extremely sensitive to shaving) I use a wonderful sugar scrub concoction which leaves your legs feeling so incredibly soft. All you need is some Johnson's Baby Oil and some sugar - the ratios are purely down to preference! My legs are extremely sensitive and almost every razor or removal cream or shaving cream I have tried has irritated my legs to no end, so you would not believe how happy I was, aged 24, discovering the Gilette Venus Olay Sugarberry Razor heads. These razor heads have a lot of conditioning balm on them, meaning if you're a Sensitive Sally or just want to travel light and don't want to take shaving foam etc., you just need to wet the razor head and it will glide over your legs as if you applied extra products - genius right? They can be used time and time again until the product dries up/is all used up so they're perfect for taking on those summer holidays for any emergency leg TLC.

Naturally, my next step is all about the post-shave. If my legs are feeling particularly sensitive or are looking particularly beat up, I will use some simple Nivea Men Sensitive Post Shave Balm (yep, *that one* me and many other ladies have been slapping on their face as primer). I use the Nivea balm for sensitive skin so it has 0% alcohol or scent, making it perfect for post-shaves on easily irritated skin. As this product is very conditioning yet mattifying, I like to then go in with a regular moisturiser to inject some dewiness and dimension back into my skin. A recent favourite for this has been Bepanthen - if it's good enough for baby bottoms, it's good enough for me. If you have extra sensitive skin, this moisturiser is a god-send because it has no alcohol, no paraben, no scent - absolutely nothing that could possibly irritate your skin. Another fave is the Yes To Coconuts Ultra Light Body Lotion Spray as it smells of summer, its easy and convenient to use, and it doesn't irritate my skin. Although its a light cream which soaks into the skin super quick, it works wonders on dry skin so it is great for keeping your bare legs looking healthy as possible.

And that's it! As I said, I don't tan, I don't use any fancy products to make my legs look slimmer or to get rid of cellulite etc. because you know, effort, but I think as long as you have a solid, simple skincare routine for your pins, they will look healthy and great throughout the warmer months.

What are some of your favourite products for getting those summer-ready legs?

- A.
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