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Mystic Meggin'

It's starting to get pretty warm so I'm trying my best to wear all my items that aren't sunshine appropriate before they need to retire until Autumn/Fall aka trying my best to wear leather trousers before I melt too much wearing such a silly clothing item. I'm so pleased to see the weather is getting warmer and the days are getting longer though, and I can't wait for the summer holidays - no school so therefore no work and that means I can get back to wearing turban headbands. I have quite the collection of them but always need to be having a confident day to wear one. Why? I don't really know to be honest, I think I feel a little silly in them but then other times, I feel like they really suit me and they make me feel a little closer to the seventies and let's face it, that can never be a bad thing!

Mango Tee | New Look Leather Jeans (similar) | Glamorous Fringe Bag (similar) | Asos O-Ring Turban | Forever 21 Flats (similar)

- A.
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