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Product Empties No.3

It's been a wee while since I posted a products empty post so I can only assume it's been a while since I used anything up! However, I'm back with a pretty big one today - so if you'd like a mini-review of any of the products in the photo above, stick around.

Okay so first up lets talk about the Boots Tea Tree & Witch Hazel Cleansing and Toning Lotion. This £3.50ish bottle was a purchase when I was just getting damn frustrated with my skin. It was particularly spotty and oily and no matter what, my usual arsenal of products just wasn't keeping it all at a manageable level. So as the Boots Tea Tree & Witch Hazel range is cheap, I thought it wouldn't hurt to give this a go. I applied the product morning and night to a cotton pad and sweeped it over my face and neck after cleansing. The toner doesn't have too much of a harsh smell but it is definitely stripping. That's not a negative use of the word, but it will certainly help you feel less oily almost instantly. If you have dry skin, I think this would definitely dry you out further, so maybe try a more gentle toner instead. This felt like it helped draw out the badness in my pores and it stung spots (which I weirdly approve of - it feels like it's doing something). All in all it's not a product I would immediately buy again, but if you suffer from breakouts, maybe give this cheap and cheerful guy a go.

Next up is another new product to me and was actually an accidental purchase! I picked up the mini Soap & Glory Daily Smooth Body Butter when I hurriedly picked up some minis for a trip. At a glance I actually thought it was body wash, but figured it was no biggie as I'd use the product up anyway. Soap & Glory are a great brand and their skincare in particular has been a line I've went back to time and time again but the Daily Smooth cream was something I'd never tried. This rosehip and cocoa butter formula is great for dry skin sufferers - it was a lovely moisturiser to use on my body after the shower if I had been neglecting my skin and it needed a bit of TLC and it was also especially nice for post-shave relief for my legs. As I have extremely sensitive skin when it comes to shaving, this cream was a dream and made my skin soft and supple without aggravating it further. It also smells delicious!

Whilst we're on a skincare kick, let's now talk about the Freederm Fast Track Spot Gel. I've used Freederm a few times since my teen years and I've got to say, the brand isn't that great for people who suffer from quite bad to severe breakouts like me. Their products just don't have enough *oomph*. But like I previously said, my skin was looking sorry for itself so I was willing to give anything a go. The fast track spot gel is designed to target and reduce spot redness and size in just 3 hours so it should rapidly respond to breakouts. I would say it's punching above its weight a little - the product can help reduce spot size and dry them out which is a plus, but it definitely an overnight/continuous application job. For the £5.50 price point of this stuff, you can get much better products on the market, but it is a convenient brand to get your hands on and if your breakouts aren't too frequent or severe, this would definitely do the job for you.

Ah, and now for the makeup. The Nyx Matte Makeup Setting Spray is now a firm favourite which I will repurchase again and again. This fine mist spray does an excellent job at keeping my makeup matte for the majority of the day and it certainly helps prolong its 'niceness'. The spray nozzle on the bottle is really great from distributing the formula evenly on your face and the spray itself is colourless, odourless, and just awesome. At £7 a bottle, these little sprays are great and actually last a long time. I like to use the spray to wet my makeup brush/beauty blender when applying my foundation and also as a finishing touch to my look. Great little product!

Now this next product was something I never thought I would like. The Maybelline Eraser Eye Concealer never initially appealed to me but after some deliberation with myself, I decided I needed to see what all the fuss was about. This concealer doesn't come in a great range of shades and to be honest, the lightest shade, Light, isn't actually light enough. However, I really like this product. I find the concealer really nice to apply (I actually enjoy the gimmicky sponge applicator!), it blends really well, and does a great job at masking my dark circles. It is closer to my shade of foundation than it is to my other concealers however so I do tend to go over it with a lighter concealer, but its a lovely smooth base for application of other products. The packaging may seem a bit odd to some people but it does work and I would argue that its much better than traditional doe-foot applicator concealers as you actually use up 99% of the product in the tube. I also found it quite brightening for my under eye area, so I will definitely pick it up again in the future.

These last two products are also firm favourites, so I'll try to make this quick! The L'Oréal Paris True Match Foundation is a big favourite amongst the blogging community and that's because its a fantastic foundation. Great extensive range of colours and tones, easy to apply, fab coverage, and quite long wearing. I've loved using up this beauty and wore it daily for work and had no issues with it. I am yet to try the new formula version, but I really hope they haven't changed it too much! And lastly, my most favourite primer, ever ever ever. The Body Shop's Instablur Primer is just amazing. It is perfect for smoothing over pores and fine lines, it does the best job at keeping my oils at bay and keeping my makeup in place and looking fresh, and its so comfortable and moisturising on the skin. It is quite a thick primer, but it melts into the skin beautifully and I honestly hate doing my makeup without it. If you haven't tried it out yet, especially if you're an oily skinned sister, then I couldn't recommend you grab a tube ASAP more.

- A.
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