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Stolen Cardigan

You've probably noticed my fail-safe plan when I don't know what to wear by now and it hasn't changed lately. Stealing an item from someone else can help when you're just feeling a little *stuck* in your ways. I tend to wear quite casual outfits anyway so I never need something OTT to kickstart an outfit, but a simple item from someone else's wardrobe can always be an aid. Obviously for me, it involves pinching Matthew's clothes when I can, and the oversized fit often lends itself to my "I don't know what to wear/I feel fat an ugly" attitude at the time.

Speaking over oversized clothing, this is a great different way to wear a cardigan. If you find a good button up that doesn't have too many gaps between the buttons, you can totally get away with not wearing a shirt/top underneath. It makes it a nice thinner layer for the warmer days. Also, if it's good enough for Ashley Olsen *INSERT PIC FROM PINTEREST HERE* then it's good enough for me!

Asos Men's Cardigan (similar) | Asos Skinny Jeans | Primark Saddle Bag (similar) | Asos Loafers

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